The 1st Cavalry Regiment is a realism unit based on tactics and teamwork and projecting tactics and showing dedicated teamwork in a server is the 1st Cavs daily job. The 1st Cav is a proud and respectful realism unit.
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 Application Format (Applicants Read)

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Application Format (Applicants Read) Empty
PostSubject: Application Format (Applicants Read)   Application Format (Applicants Read) EmptyFri Mar 27, 2009 10:18 am

We at the 1st Cavalry Regiment are a well disciplined strict realism unit, we only want the best of the best. We only accept people that are ready to devote their time to this unit. We are not like other units, we will not run after you for you to become a success.This unit takes all of the determanation you have. The 1st Cavalry Regiment is looking for strong players who are ready to experince a realism unit like no other.
|Please copy the questions below and post a new topic with them answerd in side it|Name your application Applicant-(name)

United States Army
1st Cavalry Regiment

Real Name (First and Last):
Have a Working Mic:
Xfire ID:
Steam Name:
How did you hear about us:
Battlefield Vietnam Experince:
BattleGrounds 2 Experince:
Game Applying For:
Realism Experience:
How much time daily can you dedicate:
Are you ready to dedicate your gameing career for the unit?
Who Recruited you:
Why Should we choose you:

Oath: Once filling out this application I have promised to uphold the chain of command and maintain respect to all of my fellow soldiers. I will accomplish each mission with the fullest of my ability and will leave no man behind. Disobeying orders is a foreign act to me. I have sighned my life to the unit and will remain loyal until discharged or dead.
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Application Format (Applicants Read)
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