The 1st Cavalry Regiment is a realism unit based on tactics and teamwork and projecting tactics and showing dedicated teamwork in a server is the 1st Cavs daily job. The 1st Cav is a proud and respectful realism unit.
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 Kilroy's Application

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Kilroy's Application Empty
PostSubject: Kilroy's Application   Kilroy's Application EmptySat Apr 04, 2009 2:06 pm

Real Name (First and Last): Joshua Stromme
Age: 19
Birthdate: 04/10/89
Have a Working Mic: No
Xfire ID: NONE
Steam Name: KilRoy
How did you hear about us: over herd from other members
Battlefield Vietnam Experince: little-to-none
BattleGrounds 2 Experince: decent
Game Applying For: Battle grounds 2, CSS, TF2
Realism Experience: a good amount
How much time daily can you dedicate: 1-5 (varies)
Are you ready to dedicate your gaming career for the unit? yes
Who Recruited you: Vietnam-GI
Why Should we choose you: I'm cooperative, helpful in keeping order (mic or no mic), and good at kicking ass!
Oath: Once filling out this application I have promised to uphold the chain of command and maintain respect to all of my fellow soldiers. I will accomplish each mission with the fullest of my ability and will leave no man behind. Disobeying orders is a foreign act to me. I have sighned my life to the unit and will remain loyal until discharged or dead.
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Kilroy's Application
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