The 1st Cavalry Regiment is a realism unit based on tactics and teamwork and projecting tactics and showing dedicated teamwork in a server is the 1st Cavs daily job. The 1st Cav is a proud and respectful realism unit.
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 1st Cavalry Ranks

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PostSubject: 1st Cavalry Ranks   Mon Mar 30, 2009 1:15 am

1st Cavalry Regiment chain of command.

Private 2 (PV2)
Private First Class (PFC)
Specialist (SPC)
Corporal (CPL)
Sergeant (SGT)
Staff Sergeant (SSG)
Sergeant First Class (SFC)
Master Sergeant (MSG)
1st Sergeant (1SG)
Sergeant Major (SGM)
Second Lieutenant (2LT)
1st Lieutenant (1LT)
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1st Cavalry Ranks
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