The 1st Cavalry Regiment is a realism unit based on tactics and teamwork and projecting tactics and showing dedicated teamwork in a server is the 1st Cavs daily job. The 1st Cav is a proud and respectful realism unit.
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 Godshelp's application

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PostSubject: Godshelp's application   Mon Mar 30, 2009 1:45 am

United States Army
1st Cavalry Regiment

Real Name (First and Last): Nathan Morris
Age: 14
Birthdate: 10/8/1994
Have a Working Mic: Not yet.
Xfire ID: Godshelp
Steam Name: -|HaH|-Godshelp
How did you hear about us: Blackhawk
Battlefield Vietnam Experince: Don't have it
BattleGrounds 2 Experince: Pretty good, depends on if I am tired or not.
Game Applying For: Battle Grounds 2
Realism Experience: CS 1.6
How much time daily can you dedicate: a few hours a day, depends on what I do that day
Are you ready to dedicate your gameing career for the unit? Yes.
Who Recruited you: Blackhawk
Why Should we choose you: I am an experienced player in games, I usually pick it up, learn for a few minutes, and get right into the action! I also have been in Clan scrims and CAL before.
Oath: Once filling out this application I have promised to uphold the chain of command and maintain respect to all of my fellow soldiers. I will accomplish each mission with the fullest of my ability and will leave no man behind. Disobeying orders is a foreign act to me. I have sighned my life to the unit and will remain loyal until discharged or dead.
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Godshelp's application
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