The 1st Cavalry Regiment is a realism unit based on tactics and teamwork and projecting tactics and showing dedicated teamwork in a server is the 1st Cavs daily job. The 1st Cav is a proud and respectful realism unit.
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Age: 21
Birthdate: 04/11/1988
Have a Working Mic: YES
Steam Name:R34per88
How did you hear about us:BlackHawk
Battlefield Vietnam Experince:Been playing since it came out
BattleGrounds 2 Experince: im a Beast
Game Applying For:BFV,BG2
Realism Experience:played bf1942 cs
How much time daily can you dedicate: 24/7
Are you ready to dedicate your gameing career for the unit? Hell Yeah!!!!!
Who Recruited you:BlackHawk
Why Should we choose you: Cause i got the experience,i been in cal clans so i know how to listen, i know how to scrim,I know strats an i make strats, Plus i smoke weed Very Happy
Oath: Once filling out this application I have promised to uphold the chain of command and maintain respect to all of my fellow soldiers. I will accomplish each mission with the fullest of my ability and will leave no man behind. Disobeying orders is a foreign act to me. I have sighned my life to the unit and will remain loyal until discharged or dead.
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